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Presbicia surgery

Currently, there is an innovative treatment for those who do not want to rely on glasses to drive, read a menu in a restaurant, play golf, or carry out any activity that a while back they could do naturally.

There are two types of lenses suitable for presbicia treatment, the Rezoom Custom Match multi-focals and Tecnis and the pseudo-accommodative TetraflexThe selection of one or the other will depend on the particular anatomical and functional needs of each patient.

It is important to understand that this type of surgery must be evaluated and performed by professionals with extensive experience in refractive and anterior pole surgery, as the end result will depend to a large degree on a good choice in this respect.

The surgical intervention:
Presbicia surgery is carried out on an outpatient basis with local or topical anaesthetic.  You will be awake but you will feel no pain or discomfort.  You will attend the clinic one hour prior to the surgery and you will be able to go home after an observation period following the intervention, which lasts between 15 and 45 minutes.

To extract your cataract or opacified lens, the surgeon will use a technique called phacoemulsification (phaco) which consists in making a 3mm micro-incision and inserting the tip of the phacoemulsifier which will then break up the cataract and aspirate it.  To follow, an intraocular lens will be introduced via this incision by means of an injector.  Given that this operation is carried out though a minimal incision, your eye will have an extremely fast and pain-free recovery period.

Vision is recovered practically immediately in the majority of cases and will improve over the course of the following weeks.  Bear in mind that intraocular lenses have been used for 50 years in cataract operations and almost 15 million are implanted annually around the world.
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